Education or Medication?

Jerry and I have become obsessed with finding out what is healthy for our bodies.  Some people just have this natural tendency to do this, but for us, it took a crisis.  We are learning so much about nutrition, vitamins, the food we should eat, and the food we shouldn't eat.  We are learning that there are so many things that we can do for ourselves to help prevent cancer from even having the ability to create itself in our bodies.  I watched a video on line the other day of a woman who had a hamburger from a fast food restaurant that was 4 years old.  The hamburger was still intact with no mold on it.  The french fry that came with that hamburger was still yellow in color and also had no mold on it.  I'm to the point that I don't even consider fast food, "food" at all.  What is it that we are poisoning our bodies with?  One of the documentary's that we recently watched is called:  FOODMATTERS
I would strongly encourage you to view this documentary.  In a collection of interviews with leading Nutritionists, Naturopaths, Scientists, M.D.'s and Medical Journalists you will discover scientifically verifiable solutions for overcoming illness naturally.

Another documentary we recently viewed was called Food, Inc.
Food, Inc. exposes America's industrialized food system and its effect on our environment, health, economy and workers' rights.
It was extremely informative in regards to where our industry's "meat" is coming from.  We don't seem to raise our chickens, pigs, or cattle on a pasture meet the high demands that our country has, especially from fast food chains, has caused our "meat" to be raised in "Factory's".  It is extremely inhumane and disgusting to treat a living creature this way.  There is a lot of toxins that are entering our body through what we think is "good" when we are eating vegetables as well.  I am thankful to be educating myself in this area.  I hope to teach my kids a few things about health and nutrition through all of this and I hope they do not have to have a crisis in their life to realize that a change needs to be made for them as well.

Life is fragile, and if we mistreat our bodies, we will definitely have shorter lives!  We are hoping that making changes in Jerry's nutritional health now, can make a change for his current and future health.  We are not saying that Dr's are not good hearted, well meaning people, but from what we have discovered...unless you are going to school for nutrition itself, Dr's are not educated on nutrition.  It seems like a no-brainer to me.  What we are putting in our bodies is so important and critical in regards to our health.

When Jerry had his appointment at Henry Ford Hospital with the top Neurosurgeon there, and also the Vice President of the hospital, we asked about nutrition.  We asked him how important he thought it was for Jerry to stay away from sugar (which is known and proven to feed cancer), or to eat a specific "diet" for someone who is fighting cancer.  The Dr's answer went something like this:  Well, it is important for all of us to eat healthy and to exercise, but there isn't anything you can do nutritionally to help yourself with what you already have. 

On February 10, Jerry has an appointment with Dr. Burzynski in Texas, and we were already told that he will be seeing a dietician as part of their treatment plan.

We are trying to do our homework.  If anyone out there has information that you think we would be interested in, please let me know!


  1. We watched both of those movie about a year and a half ago and they are both huge reasons we live the way we do!

  2. We started raising chickens for the freezer a number of years ago and can't imagine buying chicken from the store again. Definately taste better, are bigger, and not at all difficult to do. If we had more land we would do our own cows and pigs as well. My husband and kids hunt so we usually have that in the freezer and when we have the extra money we will buy a side of beef from a rancher that we know doesn't use steroids and other "bad" feed. We also plant an enormous garden. It takes a lot of work, but we are grateful to have tomatoes that taste like a tomato and green beans that we know don't have any pesticides. I can and freeze much of the excess, so we have stuff in the winter. It is a lot of extra work that we are glad to do knowing that we only have to suppliment a few things from the grocery store. I would do more if I didn't have to work, but I feel like even doing a few small things will make a difference in the long run.

    1. My husband and I are talking about getting chickens too! Like you, I would love to have the property to be able to raise my own cows and pigs!! We are going to be checking into local ranchers too for some beef! I wish I had this sense a long long time ago, like I said, some people need a crisis........ Good luck to you and your family!!


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