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In August of 2011, we decided to get a second opinion regarding treatment.  The first Dr. we saw seemed uncertain as to what avenue we should take.  He consulted his "Brain Tumor Board" and half said surgery was a good option, and the other half said that just Chemotherapy and Radiation were a good option.  His advice to us was "I'm on the fence, I'm not sure what you should do".....????  Really?  I understand that Dr's have a difficult job and they don't always know what to do, so I guess I can appreciate his honesty, but we needed more clarity as to what direction to go into.  We had another apt with him 3 weeks later and he said that he was more certain now that surgery was a good option, and that chemo and radiation would be pointless.  Understand, that this is coming from a "Neurosurgeon", this is what he does.  We didn't feel confident.  So, now it is August 1, and we went to a new Dr.  A Neurologist.  He seemed confident and experienced.  His advise was the total opposite of the first Dr.  He said that surgery was way too risky and that chemotherapy and radiation would be a good option.  So we left this Dr with no more certainty with what to do than after the first. 

Jerry started reading a lot on diet at this point, and figured that maybe he could find some nutritional changes that he could make.  He started out by doing the Budwig Diet , which consists of cottage cheese, flaxseed oil, & flaxseeds. He tried this diet for the next few months, and he doesn't even like cottage cheese.  I knew he was serious when I saw him doing this every day.  He also learned about the positive benefits of Apricot Kernels & Laetrile so he eats a few of those every day now too. 

In the process of all this information, we learned about Dr. Burzynski, in Texas.  we even met a woman from our area who has been to Dr. Burzynski and has been cured of her cancer.  She told us a story about a family memeber of hers who also had a brain tumor and went to Dr. Burzynski and has been free of his tumor for over 10 years now.   

In December 2011, Jerry had another MRI and was very anxious to find out if there were any changes to the tumor with all the nutritional things that he had been doing.  We were devastated to find out that there was no change, and if there was any, it was that it had grown slightly.  As of today, Jerry has not done the Budwig diet anymore, but is still eating flaxseed with many of his foods, and he is still eating the apricot kernels. 

The last week of December, we sent all the paperwork to Dr. Burzynski's clinic and as of today, we are waiting to hear back from them.  We will be contacting them next week if we don't hear back.


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