So Confused!

Well, Jerry had an appointment this morning with a new Neurosurgeon and we didn't really like what he had to say, although we did feel confident in his professionalism and his experience.  He is waiting for a few tests to come back that they ran from the biopsy tissue slides, but he has a strong suspicion that they tumor has changed or is in the process of changing from a Grade II to a Grade III.  Basically his explanation to us (which has been different from every Dr) was that Grade I & Grade II Brain Tumors are considered Benign but can change.  Grade III & Grade IV are considered malignant and have to be treated more aggressively.   If malignant, that means that the cells are changing and spreading more rapidly than they were before.  It is to be believed that Jerry has had this brain tumor for approximately 10-15 years already. 

So, at our appointment, we decided to ask about Dr. Burzynski and what he thought about alternative treatment.  Well, I won't repeat the Dr, but he didn't have anything good to say.  It didn't really change our thoughts on getting a consultation at Dr. Burzynski's clinic, because we know that conventional Dr's don't like him and have been trying to throw him in prison for years.  In saying that, we did receive a call from Dr. Burzynski's clinic, they did receive all Jerry's information and they are proceeding with getting the medical records they need from his biopsy and MRI's.  We are still going to see what they have to say.

So, as I said in the opening, we are still so confused and unsure.  We do know though that we are not giving up the fight.  Jerry is a little depressed today, which seems to be the case whenever we come home from Dr. Apts.  It is like a true reminder of how serious this is and how his life could be cut shorter than he wants it to be.  I am trying to be his strength and trying to not let my own emotions get in the way.  

Send up a prayer tonight if you would.  A prayer not only for strength, peace of mind, and stronger faith, but also a prayer for us because we are going to have 2 extra 13 year olds and 2 extra 11 year olds in the house tonight....and they are all GIRLS...... DRAMA!!!!   HA HA Peace Out!


  1. i've been praying for you all...

  2. Lyn, I just don't seem to have the words. You and I have had some wonderful heart to hearts since this journey began & I will continue to lift you up in prayer. God must've known the road ahead, because He knew that YOU were the woman to stand by Jerry's side and help lift him up when he's too weak or broken to stand alone. And when YOU feel weak or too broken to stand, lean on Him & He'll see you through. I will continue to be here for you too. Whenever you need me, I'm there in a heartbeat for you. Love you honey. Big loves to Jerry!!


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