Thankful for friends

Today I am really being reminded of how important it is to have family and friends in our lives.  Over the last month, Jerry and I have been overwhelmed with generosity from many people, several that we don't even know.  We are so thankful for our friends and our family and even our community!  In December I was sent a message by a stranger who is in the same group as me on facebook called "Hartland Moms"  She told me that they were making up t-shirts, and giving the proceeds to my family for Jerry's medical expenses.  WOW, I thought to don't know me, or my husband and if you did....well, you might not want to do all this for us.  Yes, I actually thought that!  We don't deserve this, but in the same token, we do need it.  Swallowing your pride can be very difficult at times, but in these circumstances, it is a small price to pay.   We were then approached by two of my daughters schools saying they wanted to have a fundraiser for us.  Again, we were left feeling speechless and extremely humbled.  Jerry's (and my) daughter in law made up some prints with a quote on it that Jerry had once said to me, and she too offered us the proceeds from this project sale.  Here is the link if you are interested:
I have been guided by complete strangers to different charity organizations that may be willing to help, and have even been offered a photography session for FREE from someone who works with different charity organizations.
We have received various letters in the mail over the last 6 months or so, letters of encouragement, prayer and even financial contributions.  For ALL of this, we are thankful!  We have most recently been encouraged by a good friend who is organizing a fundraiser at his church, Heritage Hills Free Methodist Church in Fenton.  I don't have all the details, but I do know that he has several different bands lined up to play music, Jerry is in one of those bands.  Jerry and I also plan to do a couple of songs at the end of the fundraiser as a way of saying "Thank You".  This fundraiser is on January 21 from 6-9 pm with a bakesale included.
Anyway, to all of our friends who have encouraged Jerry and continue to let God's love shine through you in your acts of love and kindness, we appreciate you.  God does his work through ordinary people, we often want to invision God's work being done by "special powers" or people of certain training...but it isn't true, he uses us, each and every one of us.   Jerry and I have seen his work being done in our lives, we pray that we are able to give in the same way.  We just need to listen and be obedient to his calling.


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