Update on how Jerry is doing...

I haven't posted anything personal for awhile, so I thought I would let all of you know how Jerry is doing on a day to day basis.  For the most part, he is doing REALLY well.  He is tired, don't know if that is from old age or his tumor :), but it could very well be because his body is working overtime trying to control this crazy group of unwanted cells!!  Every once in a while, Jerry will complain of a headache or a neck ache.  I try not to express my fear, but when I took him to the hospital, it was from a severe head and neck ache combined with a high fever.  Just last night, he wasn't feeling well and went up to bed about 10 minutes before I did.  While he was up there, I heard a big "thump" on the floor, my heart sank.  Come to find out, he was putting the laundry basket on the floor that I had forgotten about and left on our bed.  WHEW..... When I came to bed I told him what I had thought, and he told me that I should probably do some reading on Grand Mal Seizures.  You see, I like to deal with this with complete denial most of the time.  I don't really want to think about the things that "could" and very well "may" happen.  I just want to imagine us 20-30 years down the road....together!! 

Jerry is being very optimistic right now.  He is scared, but positive.  We have an appointment on February 10th with Dr. Burzynski for an office consultation.  They have his MRI scans and are getting what they need from the hospital prior to our appointment.  Jerry is convinced that after meeting with Dr. Burzynski he will have more clarity regarding the direction he should go down regarding treatment.  He is hoping that after discussing things with Dr. Burzynski, he will either feel confident that the amount of money the Dr is asking for is what is needed for the treatment necessary, or he will decide to come home and deal with this the more traditional way with Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  He has been watching a lot of video's on line from Matt Chandler, a preacher who has fought a brain tumor, and is still fighting....
Watching these videos has brought Jerry some peace and contentment and also helped him to give this all to Jesus. 

Jerry and I are involved with a small group on Wednesday evenings.  They have prayed over him a few different times now, along with our church family and also another minister.  Every time, Jerry feels so much peace.  I believe he is starting to become more content with what "God's plan" is instead of his own.

Several of our dear friends from the church Jerry and I had previously attended put on a benefit for Jerry this past Saturday.  Let me say, this was an extremely successfull event.  Not only did it give us a tremendous amount of financial support, more importantly, we have heard of so many different people that were touched that evening by the Holy Spirit.  PRAISE GOD!  This is what Jerry has wanted from the very beginning of this.  He has stated to me several times that he believes God has a purpose in all of this, a purpose to help people see the grace, peace, mercy and so much more that our heavenly father has to offer each and every one of us!!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, to everyone who put so much time and effort into this benefit.  You will never know how much it meant to both Jerry and myself!


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