Appointment with Dr. Burzynski!!

Jerry and I were sitting around the table with our kids on Monday evening.  Ashley, our 7 year old, started telling us about the story she had just learned in Sunday School about Jesus feeding over 5,000 people with only 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread.  Jerry proceeded to tell Ashley what that story means.  He explained to Ashley that it is a story about "faith".  Jesus didn't write down a plan and tell the disciples exactly how he was going to feed 5000 people with 2 fish and 5 loaves, rather he just told them to 'feed the people'.  I was talking to my mom about this story, and she told me (she is Ashley's Sunday school teacher) part of their lesson was about how God uses even children to tell his story, not just grown ups.  I believe that God put that story in Ashley's mind that evening for a reason.  It helped both Jerry and I to remember that we may not have an exact financial plan laid out for us to be able to afford this treatment, but we feel strongly that it is the direction that God wants us to go.  We realize that even though in our human nature, we feel like we need a 'plan', or we need the 'answers' before we do anything, God instructs us to just go, and we need to believe and have faith that he will provide for us.

With that being said, we made an appointment for March 20th to go back to Texas for Jerry's treatment.  We were blessed the first time we went with donated air-fare, lodging, and car rental.  NONE of this is in place for us this time, but we are confident that God will provide this time, just as he did the first time.

Please continue to pray for healing.  Also pray for Jerry and I to have the faith we need to continue to believe that God is in control and that he will provide for us physically and financially.


  1. love when kids share and God uses it to speak to us. praying for you guys!


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