OK, we need some serious prayer right now.  Prayer for clarity. 

Jerry is now so "over the top stressed" about the money involved, that he can't sleep, he can't work, he really isn't functioning well at all. 

He is not certain what to do.  There are cheaper treatments, or there is the option to do nothing.  He has seriously considered doing nothing.

As his wife, I try to listen, but I'm getting concerned.  We are trying to shuffle through medical bills, filling out paperwork to see if the hospitals will work with us financially, dealing with different charities and we are just getting really extremely overwhelmed.

If you can take a moment and just pray for clarity and direction we would appreciate it.


  1. Praying for you Lyn...surely they have some person at the center where these treatments are done who can help you walk through the process of the finances of the situation, or at least that would be what I would guess. You need someone from the outside to walk you through how this all works...a social worker, finance person...because you can't carry the weight of the finances and the weight of cancer for very long. I'm praying that you are able to connect with some real help to walk you through this process. And I'm also praying that you will hear God's voice on all of this very clearly. So sorry that you are going through this incredibly difficult time.


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