Special Prayer Request

I am asking prayer today for a young girl.  This young lady was diagnosed with a brain tumor in December 2011.  She had surgery in December where they removed 90% of her tumor.  She was left in a wheel chair with paralysis on her left side. She then proceeded to have chemotherapy and radiation treatments that her Doctors recommended.   This young girl recently went back to the Doctor to have an MRI to check on the tumor after her chemotherapy and radiation therapy.  To her and her families demise, the tumor was back, and it was larger than it was prior to her surgery.

Please remember her and her family in your prayer.


This story really saddens my heart.  This family was given hope by the Doctors with 'Traditional Treatment' and this treatment has failed this young girl.  The statistics that I have come across regarding traditional treatment is not very good at all!  The poison that they put into your body to 'heal' you, or to 'cure' your cancer is so often fatal to the 'good' cells in your body and more often than not, the prognosis is not good.

Jerry and I have done a tremendous amount of research regarding this topic.  When the only treatment options that were given to Jerry were exactly the same as this young girl; surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  We had a 'gut' feeling that it wasn't the direction that we were suppose to go down.  Dr. Burzynski is one of the Doctors that have come across a different, non-traditional treatment.  A treatment with little to no side affects, with small doses of chemotherapy included.  The small doses of chemotherapy are sometimes only submitted to compromise with the FDA or to do some 'traditional' therapy so that if the first round of Dr. Burzynski's FDA approved therapies don't work, than Dr. Burzynski will petition the FDA to allow the patient to be part of the 'clinical trial' in which will only be allowed if 'traditional' therapies fail.

What Jerry and I think is crazy is that the FDA, the very organization that is allowing all the toxins in our food, the very food that is killing Americans everyday, is the same organization that controls the very drugs that we need because of the food that is killing our bodies.  Also, the FDA's primary source of funding is through the very pharmaceutical companies that they control.  Seems like a conflict of interest to us!  How many times do we see new drug's advertised on TV, only to watch an advertisement later with a 'law suit' out because of a drug that has had fatal side affects.  I think we need to be cautious of the drugs that we put into our bodies and we need to do our own research.  I would suggest that everyone do their own research, don't take my word for it, I may not have all the facts correct, but to the best of my knowledge, and in my own personal opinion......the FDA is not to be trusted!!


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