We leave tomorrow......

I thought I would update, since I haven't been on here in awhile.  Jerry and I are leaving in the morning for Texas.  We have an appointment with Dr. Burzynski on Friday at 10:30.  We are very anxious for our appointment.  We plan to ask a lot of questions!!    Hopefully the clarity we are looking for will be found while we are there.  Jerry is still unsure whether or not he is willing to fork out the money they are asking for up front for the treatment.  Hopefully their answers will give him the comfort that he needs.  When we get back and the decision is made on what road we will be traveling down regarding treatment, I will post and let everyone know. 

Jerry and I couldn't be more grateful for the generosity of so many people in our lives.  Up until today, our flight was paid for (by a very generous friend) , our room was paid for (by a charity that I applied for called CincoCharities), and then of course, with the tremendous amount of financial support, our appointment is taken care of financially.  The only thing that we were going to have to pay for in regards to this trip was our rental car and food.  So, very minimal.  I received a call this morning from a good friend of Jerry's and he expressed to me that he wanted to take care of our rental car and food!  I was silent at first, this outpouring of love is sometimes hard to swallow...I told him that he didn't have to do it.  His response was "let me do this for Jerry and you".  I humbly and gratefully took his offer.  We are in a position of need, a place that neither Jerry or I have ever been in before, and it is quite a humbling experience.  THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed to Jerry's life including help with this trip.  We are trusting in our Heavenly Father and praying that he will take favor on Jerry's life.

Blessings to all, pray for a safe and successful trip...that our minds will be clear....


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