I wanted to update everyone regarding a decision that Jerry and I recently made.  We have decided to hold off on going to Texas until we get a few issues ironed out.

First of all, we found out that Dr. Burzynski is being taken to court by the FDA again this spring and we don't want this to interfere with Jerry's treatment.  We would hate to put forth the amount of money that we need only to find out that we cannot finish the treatment due to FDA interference.

Secondly, when we have spoken to the clinic in regards to Jerry's treatment, they have been very vague regarding the length of time that Jerry would need to be treated for.  We recently spoke to a patient of Dr. Burzynski's that said she has been on the treatment for a few years.  We know that at this time, we couldn't afford this treatment for a couple of years and if that is the case, we want to think more wisely about how to spend the money that we have.

Jerry has learned about another treatment option called PROTOCELL.  He is looking into this treatment and if nothing more, he is considering trying this treatment during our "waiting period" in hopes that at the very least, it will help keep his tumor from growing.

I will post more later, I just wanted to get our news out there....
Thank you everyone for your prayers!


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