One Year....

Wow, I really can't believe it has been a year since this roller coaster ride started.  It has been quite a ride, that's for sure.  Jerry and I have learned so much over the last year, not just about health issues, the food we eat, what an Oligoastrocytoma is, or even about medication....we have learned how to cope.  We still struggle with the coping mechanism, but when one of us is down, the other is works out OK that way. 

    A year ago today, Jerry and I were sitting at the hospital wondering what the "mass" in Jerry's brain was and wondering if it was anything to worry about.  We didn't know if it was an infection, or a tumor.  I remember being scared and confused and I remember Jerry was sitting in his bed talking on his phone to his employees, still running his business, hospital gown and all!

    Another memory I have is when Jerry's mom brought our son up to the hospital to see his daddy.  It was an emotional moment.  Brayden was 11 months old and he had absolutely no idea what his daddy was going through.  The only thing he knew was that he hadn't seen much of his mommy or his daddy for the past few days and he was happy to see us. 

In this moment, I cried.....Brayden had seen me a couple of times, but he hadn't seen his daddy at all for a few days since he had been in isolation due to the meningitis......

I'm really glad that a year has passed and we are all doing well.  Brayden is now 23 months old and is a thriving toddler and  his two favorite words are "No" and "Mine"!  (And he really really LOVES spending time with his Daddy)


On June 28, Jerry had his biopsy where the Dr's confirmed that this was in fact a Tumor rather then an infection from the meningitis.  The months to follow that have been some of our lowest of low moments and also our highest of high moments.  We have had a couple of fundraisers and in the moments of those fundraisers, as humbling of a position it was to be in them, we were thankful that God had put so many people in our lives to show us his love and in-turn, we could show other's that in the midst of our battle, we are remaining faithful in our belief that God is in control.  One of Jerry's sayings right now is "He can, and he will, but even if he doesn't" .  

The main reason for my post today is to ask everyone for lots of heavy duty prayer for the next week.  God knows what we want, he hears it, but I don't think it hurts to shout it out to him in one accord!  Jerry has an MRI next Monday, June 25th.  We are very nervous, excited, and sick to our stomach's about this MRI.  Our first desire is to see that the tumor has been taken from Jerry's body by our Great Physician,  or at the very least, see that the Protocel is making a change in the size of Jerry's tumor....that the tumor is shrinking.    Whatever the path that God has, please pray for our ability to be able to handle it.  Jerry is really hoping for a moment where he can witness to his Dr who is reading his MRI, and when the Dr says "I don't know what happened, but the tumor is gone", Jerry will be anxiously waiting for this opportunity to tell the Dr. EXACTLY where his tumor went and EXACTLY how it got there....  

Jerry is doing well, in good spirits and working like a mad man!!  Please remember to pray for him and his overall health.  He has a lot of stress in his life with running his business, and then on top of it his body is trying to fight this nasty unwanted group of cancer cells.....his body gets very tired.


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