Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Merry CHRISTmas!

HELLO!!  I am so sorry that I have not posted on here in awhile!  With 4 busy kids, a self employed husband and all the extra activities in our lives, I have not made the time to blog in awhile.  But, I have been asked by several people over the last couple of months, What is going on?, so I thought I would update everyone!!

Well, as you can see from the above photo, we are happily celebrating another Christmas season together as a family with the addition of our oldest daughter's boyfriend.  We went out in the cold this last Sunday and Jerry chopped down our BEAUTIFUL Christmas tree!  I think it is one of the nicest tree's we have ever had, we absolutely love it!  Last night, the kids gathered around as I gave them each ornaments to hang on the tree.  The majority of the ornaments on our tree are home made by our kids, and I LOVE it that way!  One day, when our children are all grown, we will have a tree full of memories from over the years!!

Jerry is doing great!  I have had people ask me if he still has his brain tumor because they see us functioning as a normal family.  Yes, he still has a tumor (as far as we know) :).  He has not had an MRI since last March, but we are looking into getting another one in the coming months.  Jerry feels good most of the time.  Sometimes he still get's the aching headache down the back of his neck, the same kind he had the night I took him to the ER when the tumor was discovered.  It is scary for both of us at times, but he is hanging in there.  He still has little to no interest in having any traditional treatment done as far as surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.  We know this is a risk, but it is also a risk to have any of these treatments.  Any other part of the body, it probably be easier to go the traditional route, but when it comes to the brain....it is pretty scary.  Because Jerry is not having any major symptoms, he is confident that he is doing the right thing for the time being.

Jerry is now taking what is called CANTRON.  It is similar to the PROTOCEL that he was taking, but it is in pill form which makes it much easier for him to take. 

He does get discouraged from time to time.  He has fear in him that he will not live a long life.  Because he was 49 when our son was born, he often fears that our son will grow up without a father.  I try to be a positive support person for him, but sometimes there is nothing you can say.  If you feel encouraged to send some positive thoughts Jerry's way this Christmas, please follow your heart.  I feel that when the Lord puts something on my heart, it is because it is needed by someone. 

I was asked the other day how we are doing with medical bills.  We are doing GREAT!  All the money that was raised during our fundraising period helped us pay off all bills that were developed when he was first diagnosed and we did not have any form of insurance.  We have since discovered many great avenues,  and programs that help people in our situation.  We make monthly payments on the bills that were not covered.  We do hesitate to get regular check ups and such, but we are hoping the new medical laws may help us in getting insurance.   With having a small business, AND a pre-existing condition, insurance was impossible for us to get before, but we are hopeful things will change for us!

So, THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us financially and with prayer, good thoughts and well wishes over the last 2 1/2 years.  I appreciate the outpouring of love that has been given to Jerry and I.  PLEASE continue to keep Jerry in your prayers!  I need this man around for a long, long time!! :)

If you would like to send Jerry a card wishing him well this Christmas, please send them to:
Jerry Daniels
7312 Faussett Rd
Fenton MI  48430
Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for loving my husband and caring for him!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Radiology/Oncology appointment today

This is just a quick update to tell you that Jerry has two appointments today:  One is a consultation with the Radiologist and the other is with a Neurology Oncologist at UofM health center.  We are trying to obtain all the necessary information we can so that we can make the best decision as possible as to the treatment that Jerry will receive.  He is still focusing more on Non-Traditional treatments and is still taking Protocel, but is wanting to hear what these Dr's have to say.  We do believe that Traditional treatments do work in some cases, but the idea of poisoning your body to cure another disease is what we are trying to avoid.  Please pray for Guidance as we head down this path.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Latest MRI Information

Well, first of all I want to apologize for not posting on here over the last 6 months, to those of you who have been following and wondering what has been going on.  The good news is that there has not been a lot of "out of the normal" activity in our lives during this time.   We are heading into a very busy season....3 kids in softball (different teams), 1 running middle school track and a 2 year in tow...."down time" will be minimal over the next few months, so I thought I would take some time now to update you on what has been going on with Jerry.

Jerry had another MRI on March 26th.  We have not received the radiology report back yet, but the Neurosurgeon told us that the tumor looked a bit larger than before.  Both Jerry and I could see the difference in the images that were shown to us.  We are hoping that the official report will note that there is not a change, but we are almost certain that that will not be the case.
When Jerry and I left the Dr's office the day we found this information out, I was quite content.  I wasn't angry or sad or anything...I'm not sure why I wasn't, but the truth is that I wasn't.  Jerry however, has not been sleeping well and has been having a lot of different emotions run through him not knowing what to do next.  He has not lost his faith in God, or that God has got this under control, or that God knows what he is doing...he is just uncertain as to what he is suppose to do next. 

During this next month he has an appointment with a radiology oncologist who will give us more information in regards to this form of medication and/or radiology.  How it will affect him during treatment and what the outcome is to be expected for the tumor as well.  He is not feeling like he will go down this road, but he thought that getting some information wouldn't hurt anything.  He also has an appointment with a homeopathic Dr. next week to see what he has to say as well.

So, as of now...we have no answers.  Jerry seems to be doing fine.  At times, he will tell me his hand or his left foot is numb.....and I don't ever want to believe that it is from the tumor, but I always have the fear inside me that it is....and I believe he does too, but we don't really talk about it....I don't think we want to face that truth.

Please continue to pray for Jerry.  Pray for healing.  Pray for Strength.  Pray for direction.  All of your prayers are welcomed and appreciated.

With Love,