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Radiology/Oncology appointment today

This is just a quick update to tell you that Jerry has two appointments today:  One is a consultation with the Radiologist and the other is with a Neurology Oncologist at UofM health center.  We are trying to obtain all the necessary information we can so that we can make the best decision as possible as to the treatment that Jerry will receive.  He is still focusing more on Non-Traditional treatments and is still taking Protocel, but is wanting to hear what these Dr's have to say.  We do believe that Traditional treatments do work in some cases, but the idea of poisoning your body to cure another disease is what we are trying to avoid.  Please pray for Guidance as we head down this path.


Latest MRI Information

Well, first of all I want to apologize for not posting on here over the last 6 months, to those of you who have been following and wondering what has been going on.  The good news is that there has not been a lot of "out of the normal" activity in our lives during this time.   We are heading into a very busy season....3 kids in softball (different teams), 1 running middle school track and a 2 year in tow...."down time" will be minimal over the next few months, so I thought I would take some time now to update you on what has been going on with Jerry.

Jerry had another MRI on March 26th.  We have not received the radiology report back yet, but the Neurosurgeon told us that the tumor looked a bit larger than before.  Both Jerry and I could see the difference in the images that were shown to us.  We are hoping that the official report will note that there is not a change, but we are almost certain that that will not be the case.
When Jerry and I left the Dr's offi…