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Worry.....what is it worth?

Listen to this song if you can, while you read this blog...

June 11, 2014

I am feeling very overwhelmed this morning.  Life can get so crazy.  Life can bring us up and bring us down just as quickly.  People can be hurtful, and bring us pain, yet at the same time, people can bring us the most amazing amount of joy.

Over the last couple of weeks, my heart has been aching with worry.  I worry about my husbands physical and emotional well being.  I worry about how people treat him, how people love him or don't love him.  I worry about past regrets that never seem to quit haunting us. I worry that one day Jerry will have a seizure or even worse....things I won't mention.  Sometimes I look at what seems to be a very short life together (5 years married in October) and feel like I have already been with him for 30 years.  We have so much time together.  We spend every day together, we love each other in a way that I have never…