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MRI Results 6-2-14

Jerry had his MRI yesterday and it was a LONG day!!  It went about the same as every other MRI that he has ever had....Jerry is full of anxiety and worry, I am trying to be strong next to him, but in a panic inside as well.  We sit through the MRI and then wait the two hours to meet with his neurosurgeon to find out the results..  The Neurosurgeon said that the tumor has grown about 4 mm in the last 2 years.  He encouraged surgery or radiation.  He said that radiation does not necessarily extend life expectancy, rather extend symptoms from developing.  Surgery, in his opinion, could extend life expectancy.  This is what the Neurosurgeon told us a year ago (that it had grown), then when we received the radiology report, which is done by a Dr. trained to read MRI's, he said that it had not appeared any larger.  So...we are waiting to get the radiology report before we make any drastic decisions..

Jerry is doing some research right now with the Burzynski clinic again.  Apparently th…