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Breaking Point

Yesterday I had a weird kind of day.  I usually am pretty composed and do not think too much or too often about my husbands tumor.  That sounds bad, I know...but when you are living it, you learn to just "live" and not dwell on what you cannot do anything about.  But yesterday, well I had a "rough", weird kind of day.  I posted something on a social media page, and my intent was not to draw attention to my situation, rather it was an attempt to help people to understand that when someone is in need, to reach out to them, not just "offer" to reach out to them.  Anyway, the post blew up and people were private messaging me and offering me their services and prayers and well wishes, and it was quite overwhelming to be honest.  I actually didn't respond to everything until the next day because it was just "too much".  When my husband came to bed, he had no idea what I had been dealing with and I totally broke down.  I told him that I didn't …