Here We Go Again....

Where do I start?  I almost am embarrassed to say that Jerry and I have been living in a world of denial over the last 4 years, or at least, I have.  I can't really speak for him in that regards, because I believe every single night he went to bed, he knew he had a brain tumor.  He was the one taking non-traditional treatments everyday and often reading on them as well.  I, on the other hand, would forget about it from time to time and just go on living my life, raising my children and moving forward in this adventure we call "living".  Sounds good, right?

Well, a couple months ago, Jerry started having some symptoms from his Tumor.  He had what has been described by the Dr as a seizure.  Jerry didn't' really know it was a seizure at the time, but has since had another one and realized that it was in fact a seizure.  We have learned that the stereotypical seizure that people visualize is one where the person is on the floor and shaking (no disrespect intended towards anyone who experiences these-types of seizures) is not in fact the most common, in fact there are hundreds of different ways that people can have a seizure. Any way....Reality Check!

Jerry had never really "liked" or felt confident with the Dr. who he had originally seen at U of M, so we decided to seek out another Dr who we met in 2011 while receiving a 2nd opinion regarding his tumor.   This Dr. is from Henry Ford.

So, Jerry started the journey all over again, getting new scans, having the tumor board review the scans.  This time, there was a benefit because they were able to compare the growth over the last 4 years which was helpful in diagnosis.  So we get the phone call to come in to find out what direction they want to move in...

The words we heard were devastating.  "No Dr. Here or in the State of Michigan is qualified to surgically remove your tumor without taking significant risk of a stroke or something even more catastrophic"  "We do have another procedure that is less evasive, but the tumor will not be fully removed and it has actually never been done on a tumor of your size, it is called "Laser Ablation".

The words were so devastating to hear that we didn't know what to think or what to do.  One thing we did feel confident about was the decision we made 4 years ago to not allow the surgeon who wanted to operate. He was not as honest with us about the severity of this operation nor did he ever suggest another Dr who would be more qualified in that area of the brain.  So that, we are thankful for.

Where are we today?  Jerry has sent all his medical records and scans to two different Dr's that we were referred to who both specialize in this type of tumor located in this part of the brain.  One Dr is in Houston Texas and the other is in San Francisco California.  We were told that the Dr in California probably would be his best bet.   We are currently waiting to hear back from him.

The Anti Seizure medication the Jerry is on is making him feel awful everyday.  Please pray that his body will adjust to this medication and that he will start feeling more like himself very soon.

Thank you for your interest in our story and PLEASE pray for Jerry.
This Picture was Taken in May 2015


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