Update since surgery

So, It's been awhile since I have posted, but that is because we have had a LOT going on.  
Jerry's original surgery went great, but on September 29, I took Jerry to the hospital after suffering from a fever, vomiting and severe swelling of the incision area.  Unfortunately, he ended up being diagnosed with having a STAFF infection and on Thursday October, 1st, he had a second surgery to remove the bone flap that was cut to remove the brain tumor.  The bone flap had to be discarded due to the infection.  For the last 7 weeks, Jerry has been receiving intravenous antibiotics through a PICC line at home.  This last week, he finally had the PICC line removed and he is ready to now move on to the next step of healing and recovery.  He will still need a 3rd surgery to put a new bone flap in, but they will not do that for a couple months because they want to make sure the infection is completely gone before they close in the brain again.  He has a cap with a hard shell in it that he wears when he is up and about to help protect his brain where there is no bone protecting it.  The next steps are to get started on Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy which will start within the next couple of weeks.  He will continue this treatment regimen throughout the Holidays, which makes me sad, but at the same time, because I work for a school district, I will be off work for a good 2 weeks, so it will be good for me to be home with him too!!  From what we know today, he will likely have Chemotherapy for a year for 5 days, every 28 days.  Probably in February, he will have the 3rd surgery to put his new "bone" in his skull which has a 4-6 weeks recovery process.  Our family had been planning a cruise for this spring, because our oldest daughter will be 18 this summer and we were hoping for a "last big family trip" before she was off on her own, but that is being put on hold now.  The kids are sad, but at the same time, they completely understand.  We had our kids conferences these last couple of weeks and they are all thriving in school and doing very well. I'm sure that is greatly attributed to people who have been helping us and keeping mine and Jerry's stress levels to a minimum!!   That is my short and sweet update for now.  Though we have been going through a lot, especially Jerry, God has been very evident in our lives.  We have had people bring us dinners, sent cards and get well wishes, financial contributions and so much more.  We are grateful for every act of kindness and I can't wait to be in the position to pay it forward!.  My perspective on it is so much different now than it was before.  Love you all and please continue to pray for Jerry as he has a long road ahead of him!!

After second Surgery:


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