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Busy Blessings....

Jerry and I were able to spend some much needed time together this weekend.  Unexpectedly, we had no kids at home.  We just took some time to hang out together without the distractions of "life".  We had a wonderful time together reconnecting and just "being friends"  Towards the end of our time together we stopped at Bronners in Frankenmuth.  That is a beautiful store, but not the best place to go on a weekend, this time of year!  It was crazy in there!  We ended up getting a snack and walking around a bit but realizing that it was too crowded and the lines were too long and we needed to leave.  Jerry's legs get tired, and when they get tired sometimes they "give out".  So, I asked Jerry to hold my arm, (he can be stubborn sometimes, but he did need some help) and we headed back to the car and went home.  When we got home, he went straight to sleep and has been there every since.  It's been about 3 hours now.  I started getting really teary eyed …

Being the Hands and Feet of Jesus.

Jesus healed the sick, loved the poor, touched the leper, stood up for the down-and-out, forgave the sinner, condemned the religious hypocrites, dined with prostitutes, and corrupt tax collectors, challenged the wealthy and powerful, fought for Justice for the oppressed, defied His culture, renounced materialism, demonstrated that greatness is found in serving - and then died that others might live. These actions - performed by one man - changed the world. These same actions, when carried out by His followers, still change the world today.
My world was changed today.

A friend of mine that I've known for about 3 months asks me almost daily, how I am doing and how my husband is doing. These last few weeks, I have expressed to her that I was just tired and overwhelmed. That my husbands energy level is less and less every week, every day. Especially on the weeks he is on Chemotherapy which happens to be this week. She asked me if there was anything she could do. I said the …