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Overwhelming Love

Sunday 1-21-2018

Jerry has been transferred to McLaren's Rehabilitation unit. 

As I sit in the hospital with him, I can’t help but reflect on all the love that has been surrounding us. So many people have been helping us through this, and I know we couldn’t do it without any of you. This is  Jerry’s second day of therapy, and he is so tired. I’m hoping that he does get stronger and is able to come home sooner than later. We all miss him being there.    I try not to thank anyone specifically via social media or my blog because I don’t want to leave anyone out and hurt anyone’s feelings, but we have been helped in ways that are unbelievable. We’ve been given enough money to put a down payment, or should I say deposit on the home that we are trying to purchase. We have been offered help to fix some things around the house that need to get fixed. Somebody just dropped off a ton of new boxes yesterday for us to use for packing. People have been helping with the kids.  We have been give…


For those of you who are following the blog.  Jerry has been hospitalized twice over the last two weeks.  He had a Grand Mall Seizure at home and another at the hospital.  He’s still admitted at Henry Ford.  He has not completely returned to his pre-seizure baseline.  His left side is weaker than before and the tumor is starting to affect his right side. His chemotherapy doesn’t seem to be working so we will be meeting with his oncologist to start him on something called Avastin Therapy.  I don’t really know any more right now.