Overwhelming Love

Sunday 1-21-2018

Jerry has been transferred to McLaren's Rehabilitation unit. 

As I sit in the hospital with him, I can’t help but reflect on all the love that has been surrounding us. So many people have been helping us through this, and I know we couldn’t do it without any of you. This is  Jerry’s second day of therapy, and he is so tired. I’m hoping that he does get stronger and is able to come home sooner than later. We all miss him being there.    I try not to thank anyone specifically via social media or my blog because I don’t want to leave anyone out and hurt anyone’s feelings, but we have been helped in ways that are unbelievable. We’ve been given enough money to put a down payment, or should I say deposit on the home that we are trying to purchase. We have been offered help to fix some things around the house that need to get fixed. Somebody just dropped off a ton of new boxes yesterday for us to use for packing. People have been helping with the kids.  We have been given so many dinners, and other food items to get us through our days.  My employer; Grand Blanc Schools has been incredibly understanding through all of this.   I have been given numerous offers to help when we move.  We are so thankful and so grateful for everything.   Things are beyond tough right now, but all of YOU are making it easier!  Thank you!

I’m hoping to get the kids in to see him today.  There is a flu restriction right now not allowing anyone under 18 to visit the hospital.  I need to speak to the manager and plead our case since the kids haven’t seen him since he left our house via ambulance.

Thank you for your continued prayers.


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